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How to Profit from Obamacare

There has been so much news of late regarding Obamacare and the rollout debacle we’ve witnessed. It’s true, the rollout has been a disaster. Obamacare itself is probably going to be a disaster in regard to costing taxpayers more money. Many of us are worried about how much more money this is going to cost us than it did prior to its existense–but should our worrying and complaining end there? I’ve fallen victim to this negativity as well without trying to find the silver lining–that is until tonight.

It hit me this evening as I was doing research on investments to consider buying going into the 2014 year. I should make a clear disclaimer, I don’t think it’s wise to apportion the bulk of your investment money toward single stocks. You should use mutual funds for that. However, I don’t see a problem with dabbling in the stock market if you have some excess money to play with as long as you can discipline yourself enough to make it worthwhile. How do you know if you’re disciplined enough? Well one indicator is if you’re regularly trading any particular stock more than once per month, you probably shouldn’t be dabbling.

So as I was researching and trying to find the next Apple of 2004 or Amazon of 2001 it hit me: While Obamacare is going to cost us more in some areas than before, it’s also going to make some industries significantly wealthier than they were before. Instead of merely being frustrated that money is being taken from us and “redistributed”, how about we find a way to place some investments towards the areas that received that “redistribution”.

So who are the big ones to pay attention to? First off I recommend doing your own research to comprise your top picks. After all, no one cares more about your own money than you do; and possibly the government, but the latter isn’t going to help you invest, so you better do it yourself. In this Forbes article, it’s made very clear who some of the winners are to this point. My speculation is that health insurance companies, hospitals, pharmacies, and drug manufacturers will together produce solid returns for the next few years at least, and should be seriously considered for investments.

So, given you have some play money, why not offset your new tax and health care expenses with a potential return on investment from companies related to these industries? With the government backing this industry, they should have a fun ride for quite some time to come.

Enjoying the ride with you,

Andrew Howerton